HO Scale boats and ships. Posted by wingman on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 1:04 PM I have been trying unsucessfully to find HO scale conatiner ships, ore boats, or other types of cargo boats/ships that won't run me $250 to add to my harbor scene. There is an IMEX cargo ship kit that is reasonably priced, but it is 1:550 scale, which I have to. HObat50 - Old fishing boat. $37.00 by Riches Heures Modélisme. Kayak 01. 1:64 Scale. $13.54 by Pinelas Miniatures. HO Dahlgren 9" cannon, iron mount x6. $23.00 by Panamint models. HObat31 - Sailboat. $26.81 by Riches Heures Modélisme. Marine Kayak 02.. HO Scale Show HO Scale Subpages. Back To Main Menu; HO Scale; HO Scale Trains; HO Scale Train Sets; HO Scale Track & Scenery; HO Scale DCC & Sound; HO Scale Supplies & Tools; ... Boats & Ships. Compare . Why Should You Choose Model Train Stuff? Award-winning rewards program. Great Customer Service. Hassle-Free Returns.

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